Incisionless Treatment For Essential Tremor


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Immediate Results
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Significant tremor improvement in a single treatment
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No surgical incisions
Minimal Hospitalization
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Quick return to normal activities
CE Marked
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Safe and effective with minimal side effects

“I always loved baking, so I decided to open my own bakery. My right hand started to shake and I couldn’t do daily activities myself like drink or eat, not to mention baking or serving coffee. I became dependent on my staff. The doctors prescribed drugs, but they didn’t work for me. One day they suggested the Neuravive procedure.  I just wanted to live my dream – to serve my customers again. After a couple of hours, on the MRI bed, my hand didn’t shake anymore.” Haya Mendlebaum click-here-btn-1


I was very impressed with the team at UMD and by the technology. I was a systems analyst many years ago and the system software must be very advanced. I have researched focused ultrasound for my essential tremor patient blog and I thought I understood what to expect but it exceeded my expectations and all I can say is, Wow. During focused ultrasound, treatment assessment is done by drawing spirals. Each time that I drew a spiral, I was aware of the improvement in my tremor. I am grateful for the technology and that the company is focused on treating tremors. Peter click-here-btn-1


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